FMOD Studio v1.07.06: After project migration attempting to save project hangs indefinitely


After loading our project in FMOD Studio and completing the migration phase trying to simply save the project hangs FMOD Studio indefinitely (I tried letting it run overnight once just to make sure). Requiring a shutdown of the application with task manager.

The application log file does not provide any relevant information. The last logs are about finalizing the migration and opening the project. There are no logs about saving. There are no crash report files generated.

I am on Windows 8.1 Pro on a MacBook Pro and I’ve tried both the 32 and 64 bit applications, and multiple OS settings (run as administrator, compatibility settings, disable indexing, etc.) and still get the hang. We share our project on Google Drive, and I have tried it with Google Drive both open and closed, and confirmed I am the only one with write permissions.

I am able to reload the project, recover, remigrate, and build banks, but anytime I attempt to save the project it hangs.

I am not an audio designer and not expertly familiar with the FMOD Studio application. I am the programmer integrating FMOD into our game project and we have not had any related issues until recently upgrading to v1.07.06. I believe the project was last saved with v1.06.06.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Shawn,

We have yet to seen any prior reports of such issue and was wondering if it could be project specific. It would help us track down the issue if you could contact and attach a copy of your project for debugging purpose.

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for sending us the project. It appears there are a number of audio file with malformed filename in the Audio Bin folder. These files are probably generated by Google Drive during a conflicting edits between multiple users. The files appear to be duplicates and it would be safe to remove them from the project. These malformed filenames appears to be the cause of the issue. I have put in a fix so Studio will not stall under such circumstance, in the meantime, you can remove them from the project.

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