FMOD_ERR_FILE_COULDNOTSEEK on FMOD::System::create(&system)

I’m trying to simply create an FMOD Studio System in FMOD Studio for C++ but I’m getting an error:

FMOD::Studio::System *mSystemStudio = 0;

That will result in a FMOD_ERR_FILE_COULDNOTSEEK error stating that

“Couldn’t perform seek operation. This is a limitation of the medium (ie netstreams) or the file format.”

Since this isn’t a netstream, I imagine that it’s the file format. I included fmodexL_vc.lib and
fmodstudioL_vc.lib and the dlls are in the same folder as the executable. I also tried this with fmodex_vc.lib and fmodstudio_vc.lib. I can confirm, as expected, the 64 bit versions of the dlls and libs do not work in x86 bit. I’m running this in Visual Studio 2015 in x86 Debug mode. I’m also initializing FMOD low level in this area, but it works fine no matter what order I initialize them in.

I’m also currently trying to get logging information from fmodstudioL_vc.lib, but it won’t give me it. I’m calling:


But this seems to have no effect and the fmod.log file isn’t being created. Any idea what I might be missing? I’m pretty much out of ideas at this point.

It looks like you are linking the fmodstudio API against the FMOD 4 fmodex library, is that correct?

To support the fmodstudio API, you need the FMOD 5 fmod library (from the lowlevel directory of the FMOD Studio API).

Ah ha! Yeah, I was able to get this fixed last night, but I had no idea what I did. Eventually I just reloaded every single dll and lib from the FMOD low level and studio folders from the installation directories. I was using a partial library from a couple places (old projects, etc) and thought all would be peachy, so that makes sense that I had the wrong version of the library. Good to know what happened! Thank you.