VCRuntime error - cant figure it


I have linked fmodL_X86.lib & fmodstudioL.lib, moved the DLLs to the debug exe folder and I get
“Code execution cannot proceed VCRUNTIME140_APP.dd…” Im using VS2017 and I have uninstalled, re-installed vs2017 and c++ redistribu 2015-2019 and still coems up with this problem,

I’m sure this is a noob error but I can’t find it anywhere :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

It sounds like you may be mixing UWP and Windows libs together, the _X86 suffix is used for UWP whereas Windows does not use a suffix, double check that both the libs are for the required platform.

Thank you very much. I had downloaded which didnt have the lowlevel files. Once I went back to 1.xx they were there.

In 2.0, the LowLevel API was renamed to Core API.