[FMOD] System::update() returned ERR_INTERNAL for STUDIO_SYSTEM (0x1FFF3F)

i play two event at the same frame, an error appeared.
can you give me some suggestions.


What version of FMOD are you using?
How are you playing the two events? E.g. Event emitters or via code?

my fmod version is 2.01.11
via code. code like this:
FMOD.RESULT result = instance.start();

can you tell me what 's the reason?
i have no source code, can u tell me some possible reason can lead to this error log.


I also notice that there is the assertion state->mInstanceCount which is caused by an instrument being stopped after it has been cleaned up. Before these two events are being played are there any other events that are being stopped that maybe have already been released? Would it be possible to get the full code where these issues are being triggered?

this bug, i have found the reason. we reference event B when create event A.
create event by this way will lead to log error. finally, i directly drag audio to event A, the error log disappeared.
i do not know why, may be use event A reference event B, when stop event A, event B has already released, that will lead to this error.


Thank you for sharing the solution. Would it be possible to see a the code that was causing the error?