[RESOLVED] Fmod Studio API Crashes on System::Update()


First off, loving fmod studio!

But today, I have upgraded my Fmod Studio API from 1.1.12 to 1.1.4 and am having tons of problems with it crashing quite randomly… The problems are only new to 1.1.4 and the 1.1.2 version does not have these crashes

I have rolled back to the 1.1.2 api and can confirm that it is the new version that is causing the crash, but can’t yet determine the root of the problem.

I will try to get repro case soon, but it crashes at random times but always occurs after I released resources (event descriptions and event instances) and crashes when I call update fmod (FMOD::Studio::System::update())…

I get this error code sometimes when I call update(): FMOD_RESULT result = FMOD_ERR_INTERNAL

[ERROR] FMOD error 34 - An error occured that wasn't supposed to.  Contact support. 

and sometimes it just crashes even before FMOD::Studio::System::update() returns an error code…


fmodstudio.dll!6a0381e4()	Unknown
fmodstudio.dll!69f9cbcb()	Unknown
fmodstudio.dll!6a068adc()	Unknown

It crashes about 30-40% of the time, is feels quite random. I have noticed that the chance of crashing increases if it crashed during the previous session, which makes me being that there is potentially stale data that you are reading?

Here is generally what I am doing:
[]create event desc[/:m:47fhfilp]
[]create event instance based on event desc[/:m:47fhfilp]
[]start event instance[/:m:47fhfilp]
[]stop event instance[/:m:47fhfilp]
[]release event instance[/:m:47fhfilp]
[]release event desc[/:m:47fhfilp]
[]CRASHES on Fmod::System update() call[/:m:47fhfilp][/list:u:47fhfilp]

The code I am using to test is heavily integrated into my engine, scripting. But I will see if I can get a repro case.

I was just being silly. I released the event description BEFORE releasing the event instance. Doing this was causing all sorts of weird behaviors in FMOD, and crashing during the update() call… I found this bug when I wrapped all fmod calls with an error check… Well, live and learn!