Fmod timeline manipulation help

I have an FMOD timeline currently where I have it looped nicely, I was wondering what needs to be done to create this: I have a sanity sound, essentially it is when a player is losing sanity in a horror game, I have the timeline set so that when it is activated it plays and loops however I want to make it so that when it is first activated, there’s an automation fade in of the time line and then it loops in a certain place until the next part is activated where when the sanity sound is deactivated, it simply fades out, all on command in FMOD, how is this done? thanks in advance and hope this makes sense

There’s a few different ways you could do this, depending on exactly what behavior you want.

For example, if you know how to create an event that loops the same asset over and over, you could automate the volume of that asset on a “sanity” parameter, and give that parameter a seek speed so that its value doesn’t change instantly. This method is easy to implement, but does limit your ability to design complex fade-in and fade-out curves and would require you to do some extra work if you wanted the insanity loop to start exactly when the player’s sanity drops below the threashold. For an example of this kind of behavior, see the “music/Level 02” event in the “examples.fspro” project that comes with FMOD Studio.

Another option would be to use logic markers with parameter conditions to jump the playback position between different parts of the timeline depending on the value of a “sanity” parameter. This would be slightly more work to implement, but would support much more complex behavior than the other method mentioned above. For an example of this kind of behavior, see the “music/Level 01” and “music/level 03” events in the “examples.fspro” project that comes with FMOD Studio.

If neither of those methods are suitable for your project, just let us know. There are plenty of other possibilities.

Thank you for your help, I’ll try that out, I’ve been attempting to study FMOD to the best of my ability with the knowledge of music and audio mixing, if you were to recommend a video explaining FMOD to achieve the knowledge needed for jobs what would you recommend? Again thank you for your swift response!

I’m not aware of any tutorial video that concisely describes all of the employment-relevant features of FMOD. To be honest, I’m not sure if such a video is even possible. Different game projects require different features of FMOD Studio, and some features which aren’t strictly essential for a given game project might still allow you to produce better-sounding results or get the job done more efficiently.

That being said, the FMOD Studio User Manual’s chapters are ordered so that the earliest chapters contain the most basic and essential concepts that come up frequently when working on games, while the later chapters tend to contain information that may be only useful in specific circumstances. Starting at the beginning of the manual and working your way through will therefore expose you to the most employment-relevant parts of FMOD Studio as soon as possible, while leaving the more esoteric and circumstantially-useful details for later.