Fmod units in visual scripting changed?

Hi there, im either missing units or things have been changed? i cannot find any runtime.manager nodes etc to be able to use fmod in visual scripting. Any help would be great!



Which version of FMOD and Visual Scripting are you using?

There is a known error with Visual Scripting version 1.7.8. Previous versions of the package still work.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply! Latest version of Fmod 2.02.11 and visual script 1.7.8. How would i install a previous version?


Upon further investigation, Unity has removed any version of Visual Scripting older than the current version, as far as I can find. You can use Bolt, the original version of Visual Scripting however, it does not seem compatible with versions of Unity older than 2020.

Sorry for the inconvenience, if we find a solution for Visual Scripting 1.7.8 I will let you know.


The issue has been resolved and the fix will be released in the next update.