FMOD Unity Encryption

Heylo Forums,

We’ve recently found we need to start encrypting FMOD to halt piracy and ripping audio from our title. We are running into issues attempting to do so.

Note: We are using Asset Bundles to play and retrieve audio.

Issue: When an encryption key is set, all audio stops working. When it is removed, all audio works as intended.

Question: Are there other steps that need to be made to play encrypted audio within Unity for FMOD?

On Fmod Studio 2.00.08 and have latest changes from GitHub.

Which version of the Unity integration are you using, and which version of FMOD Studio? Bank encryption keys are only supported in versions of FMOD Studio Unity Integration designed to work with FMOD Studio versions 2.00.01 and later, and Unity versions 2018.3 and later.

If you’re using compatible versions of FMOD Studio, Unity, and the FMOD Studio Unity Integration, double-check that the encryption key you’ve given Unity exactly matches the one you’ve specified in FMOD Studio.

If that doesn’t work, try testing whether sound works with a different encryption key. For test purposes, it’s best to use an extremely simple key: Short, and entirely composed of lower-case characters, with no numbers, spaces, or special characters. (This is partly because certain special characters may not be interpreted or stored the same way by Unity as they are in FMOD Studio, but mostly because a simpler encryption key is easier to type without mistakes.)