No sound when Android "Split apks by target architecture" is turned on

Hi, as the subject says if we turn on the “Split apks by target architecture” we can’t hear any sounds.

There is no problem at all if we build and run a single apk (not split by architecture).

We’re on 2018.4.13f1 and using FMOD 2.00.09 and we’re using the streaming assets.

Any ideas anybody? I’ve been looking at this for 2 days now with no clue, the only thing I can think of is the way the banks are loaded is different for apk+obb, but before upgrading to 2.00.09 we never had this problem.


It turned out that was caused by the fact that our banks are encrypted, after disabling the encryption everything was fixed.

Is this a known issue? We really want to keep our banks encrypted for obvious reasons.

We are not aware of an issue like this and I have not been able to reproduce it.
Are you able to share the output log at all?

The only one that I still have is the following piece of log from logcat through Android Studio

2020-07-30 11:40:48.428 8139-8273/com.REDACTED.redacted> E/Unity: [FMOD] SystemI::createSoundInternal : Cannot FMOD_OPENMEMORY_POINT encrypted data.

Removing the encryption solved the problem.

I have been able to reproduce this, but the bad news is that it’s not an easy fix and likely won’t be available until the next major release.

Studio::System::loadBankMemory is not compatible with FMOD_STUDIO_ADVANCEDSETTINGS::encryptionkey, using them together will cause an error to be returned.

The Integration uses loadBankMemory when the banks are not located on the APK, which means encryption will not work with Banks/TextAssets outside of the APK.

By major release you mean 2.1.**? when can we expect that as a Unity plugin?

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Correct, at this point we are unable to give an ETA.