FMOD + UNITY+ Oculus

Hey guys,

I am working on a VR project on Unity and from what I have read, I have to use Oculus spatializer in order to make FMOD work with Oculus. I have installed the Oculus plugin in FMOD and I have written down “OculusSpatializerFMOD” in the plugin section of FMOD settings in Unity, but I get a INVALID CHANNEL error in the console. How can I fix this? Is there a specific approach to use Oculus in FMOD?

Not sure we have an INVALID CHANNEL error, did you mean ERR_INVALID_HANDLE for CHANNEL?
If it’s the above error, it’s likely you have set up everything correctly, but your Studio Event Emitter is too far away from the listener- try moving the gameobject closer to the listener and see if you can hear it/if the error goes way.
Otherwise, can you please send over a full stack trace of the error?

Hi Pitomenph,

I’ve tried using the Oculus Spatializer but ended up using the Google Resonance Audio on the Oculus with Unity. I am happy with this configuration and it works well on all platforms. From a technical point of view you would not have to use the Oculus spatializer on the Oculus. (I am using the Quest 2 both in Desktop Link and standalone)


Thank you for your answers guys.
Apparently reinstalling the FMOD package did the job for me. Before, I only played the game for 20 Seca and that error would show up. Now, I play the game for 5 minutes and no error pops up, so I think that did the trick

Thanks for the message. Why did you ended up using Google resonance instead of Oculus spatializer? Do you think it sounds better?

I had stability problems with the oculus spatialiser. For example in unity the reverb was fine and then when I listened to it on the quest the reverb was gone. At this point I didn’t know where to look to find out what was wrong. It could be that newer packages work better. When I started working on this the Google resonance audio was giving reliable results and after I learned how to use it I am happy with it. Plus it just comes with fmod and there is no need to go through complicated installation hoops.