Events not playing on Oculus Quest


We have the following issue:

There are some 3D events that are not playing in a build for oculus quest. However on other platforms including Oculus Rift the events work perfectly. It seems to be a spatialization problem because if we reproduce the events as 2D they work just fine.
Also this issue just happens with some few 3D events. Most of them work fine.
Any clue?

Can you ensure you have correctly routed the Oculus spatializer and listener in the FMOD Studio project and that you have the correct Oculus dlls in your game? If you are using a game engine like Unity or Unreal there may be additional steps to get the integration to recognise the dll.

Thanks, we found the solution. Instead of Oculus Spatializer we are using Resonance for this project.

Because those audio files had a long duration it seems that the problem occurred when trying to load those events into the scene. Specifically in android due to the performance of this platform so we changed those 3D events to “stream” inisde fmod and now they reproduce just fine.