FMOD Unity Plugin assumes it is located under Assets/Plugins/ to work in the Unity editor


At our studio we are using the FMOD unity plugin on several projects in parallel. We are using Perforce’s streams to import our different code libraries and middlewares (including FMOD) to our projects.

Our folder organization is in such a way that we split the different source of code directly under the root Assets/, like so:

Assets/Project (project specific code)
Assets/Common (common code between project, FMOD is here)
Assets/Libraries (libraries we want to import for that projects)

In our projects, the FMOD plugin is located under the Assets/Common/Plugins/ folder, but we realized that it makes use of absolute path for the editor code. The plugin assumes it is located under Assets/Plugins/. We had to make some changes to the plugin’s code in order to work correctly with our flow and we have to reflect these changes each time we change version of the plugin.

So my question is, would it be possible to support other location of the plugin in the project’s assets hierarchy or to configure it in a way ?


We have a task on our short term roadmap to address this. Our goal is to contain all files necessary for FMOD inside a single folder and support having that folder anywhere within your project hierarchy. You won’t be able to reorder any of the files within this FMOD directory but you should be able to put that folder where you like once complete.


That’s great to hear, thank you!