Fmod user interface upgrade?


First just to say a big thank you to the Fmod team, this is an excellent app and so easy to teach which makes my job easy so double win!!
But I have a few niggles and not meaning to ruffle any feathers but is there an update to the user interface planned?

I’m all for apps that treat me like an adult but having the mixer window as a separate window but looking exactly like the edit window is confusing… at least if I could stick it in a tab…

And while I understand that interface design isn’t necessarily related to the work you do (…long time PT user here… ) but having faders that look like they were done in Apple paint and the mouse cursor not following the fader movement… whaaaat…

My apologies, I’m a big Fmod fan but I feel a more streamlined interface would improve the user experience.



Thanks for the feedback. We’ve always got improvements planned. Look out for user interface improvements in a future release.