Request: Support for tabs!


I prefer working in tabs instead of windows, as it’s faster and easier to navigate. MacOs has an option to use tabs per default and “force” apps to use them:

Tabs setting

Unfortunately FMOD does not really support this feature. When opening another window, a tab is created, but the whole interface gets pushed down, outside the app window:

But it is just the visual aspect of the interface that gets pushed down, the controls stay at the old position. If I now want to click a button, I need to click a little bit above the visual representation of the button.

It would be great if FMOD gets support for tabs in the future, as this is a massive workflow improvement!

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I have it for “full screen only” so simply jump into full screen, add the tab I want and exit back to normal screen. I’ve not noticed the bottom section of the screen missing. This is on Ventura 13.5. What happens if you toggle the deck?

Unfortunately, as of the time of writing (September of 2023), FMOD Studio does not support macOS tabs, and so does not correctly resize its windows to account for the extra screen real estate they take up when present.

This is an oversight on our part. I’ll add your suggestion that we should support tabs to our feature and improvement tracker.

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I accidentally discovered this behaviour in full screen as well. But it’s just a workaround and not an intended behaviour, but I guess it will do for now until a full support for tabs has been implemented.

Thanks for clarification and adding this feature to your list.