Modulating modulators

Hi! I’m sure this has been posted a couple of times already although I couldn’t find it, why is it not possible to modulate modulators? You can easily use automation on a modulator’s parameters so I would think it is not hard to implement modulators on modulator parameters. This would be really cool to make amazing and complicator behaviour for our events! I am a student and one of our courses is FMOD, the whole class was wondering about this.

Adding the ability to modulate modulator properties is already in our feature/improvement tracker.

The main reason we haven’t added it already is that it will require some considerable design changes to our user interface if we want it to be intuitive instead of confusing: Currently, we put all the modulators associated with a deck panel in the same modulator drawer and indicate which is which by labeling them with the names of the modulated properties. If we allowed modulation of modulator properties without changing how that UI works, it would be trivially easy to create content in which multiple identical modulator widgets are present and ordered in a way that makes it difficult to tell which controls what.

I’ll add you to the list of people who’ve expressed an interest in this feature.