_FMOD5_Thread_SetAttributes error when building for tvOS - 2.01.00

I’m getting the following error in Xcode when trying to build for tvOS with FMOD 2.01.00

“_FMOD5_Thread_SetAttributes”, referenced from:
: _Thread_SetAttributes_mDE85E61A29AE26C55D18BEF9C06C7868F686CA85 in Assembly-CSharp-firstpass2.: _Thread_FMOD5_Thread_SetAttributes_m9912FDB5FE70B20E796B64A096B57140DF332C2F in Assembly-CSharp-firstpass2.o
: (maybe you meant: _Thread_FMOD5_Thread_SetAttributes_m9912FDB5FE70B20E796B64A096B57140DF332C2F)
: Symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64
: Linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, it is a new api that was missed from the definition file. You can get around this by deleting/commenting-out the Thread_SetAttributes in fmod.cs.

We should have this fixed for the next release.

Thanks, I ended up just rolling back to the last stable version