Unity3D build for Nintendo Switch linker Thread::SetAttributes missing

Hello FMOD,

There’s a small problem when building for Switch. (Unity 2019.3.3f1 + FMOD Integration 2.01.01)

There’s a linker error: undefined reference to ‘FMOD5_Thread_SetAttributes’. I’ve looked in libfmodstudiounityplugin.a and it doesn’t contain that symbol.

I worked around it by excluding the usage of that symbol for Switch. Just letting you know about the issue.


Thanks for the report, can I get you to double check the version you had issues with? We fixed an issue concerning the Thread_SetAttributes symbol for Switch but that fix should be in 2.01.01 (it was broken in 2.01.00).

I did, and you are right. I apologize. I actually had 2.00.09.
Thank you!