Functions called in Blueprints not working in Build

Running FMOD Studio 1.10.05 with UE4.19.1

It seems that all functions that I’m calling in Blueprints are not working after the game is packaged. (They do work by either testing in Play-In-Editor or Standalone Game)

So far, I’ve tried the following functions and none of them work in the build:

Any ideas on what might be happening?


Hey Man, I’m having the same issue I put the plugin in the plugin folder above the “Content” folder and the FMOD folder with is banks. all works but when I deploy on my Samsung galaxy s7, the sound does not play.

I still investigating. please let me know if you fix it thank you

It is possible that blueprints can be serialized from disk before any plugins (including FMOD) have had a chance to load. We have listed some steps to follow in our UE4 docs:

If this does not solve it, can you tell me if you are getting any errors or warnings?