MacOS dll not present in UnityPackage fmodstudioL.bundle

I have seen some posts on the site that touch MacOS dll exceptions, but don’t quite seem to align with the problem we are having.

One of our team members, has gone remote and is working on their Apple laptop for the time being. Whenever they try to run the project (in editor), they are caught by a DllNotFoundException for a bundle that doesn’t that doesn’t seem to exist in the FMOD for Unity package 2.02.xx any above.
I have downloaded the package from the page, but fmodstudioL.bundle isn’t present in the import manager.

I checked all a few other downloads any finally found the bundle in 2.01.05, but not under the correct folder structure that the FMOD file reorganiser from 2.02.07 was expected.

Looking at other posts here, I couldn’t find anyone posting about the same issue, in fact this post seems to have the .bundle file from a version of the plugin I downloaded and looked at (2.02.04).

My questions are:

  • Why can’t I seem to find this bundle in the plugin?
  • Why is it required?
  • Can I just grab the .bundle from another version of the FMOD for Unity plugin and put it where the reorganiser wants it to be?

This team member is not making any builds and just needs to be able to play the game in the editor.
Some practical info:

  • Unity version: 2022.1.10f1
  • FMOD for Unity version: 2.02.07
  • The laptop is using the Apple M1 chip (not sure if that would be a factor at all)


The fmodstudioL.bundle is found in the staging folder:

The L stands for logging with makes it easier for debugging when working with FMOD

It is always better to try to keep everything from the same version as it may cause unexpected behavior.

If your team mate downloads the integration from either our Downloads Page or the Unity Package Manager, it should add those .bundle files.

Hope this helps!

Hi Connor,

Thanks for the fast response back in January. I found the bundle in the staging folder and everything has been working smoothly.

I wanted to ask if there is a reason that the fmodstudioL.bundle is only found under the staging folder?

The windows and linux “logging” libraries are present under both “platforms” and “staging”, but the mac library is only present under staging. The fmod install wizard also just moved the fmodstudioL.bundle to the plaform directory as soon as I imported it into the project. The reason I didn’t import the staging folder originally was because it looked like it only included duplicate libraries that were already present elsewhere.

I just wanted to bring up my throught process that lead to the issue.

Thanks again for the detailed help!

Hi, no worries.

The stating folder is used so we can update the FMOD binaries used by the editor. If we put them in the libs folder they won’t update because they are in use, we put them in the staging, then the editor code goes through a process that disables them, copies them, and re-enables them.

Hope this helps!

That makes total sense thanks!

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