How do I manage FMod across Mac and PC development hardware?

Just got a Macbook for OSX and iOS ports. Carrying my existing Unity project over, FMod fails. I get Fmod Studio bundle is damaged and needs to be thrown in the trash. I can do that, reinstall from the Package Manager, and remove these errors, but the audio still doesn’t work as the audio events aren’t found.

How do I manage a project shared across two development platforms?


What version of FMOD are you using? How are you moving the project from one device to the other? e.g. Version Control. I will link to another thread that encountered a similar issue: Distribution of FMOD Studio Libs on Catalina/Big Sur in Integration - #9 by Andrew.

Are the FMOD Built banks included when you are moving the project to the new Macbook? That could explain why they aren’t found.

Porting across as a zip. I had issues with the lib because I didn’t have internet access. With net access, I can download from asset store and install over top. Plus your links informative, although on OS Ventura.

Looks like the current issue is the .bundle being rejected when i open the unzipped project for the first time. The Mac wants this removed from the computer as a corrupted file, meaning no audio bundle.

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That’s exactly the issue, if there is anything else we can do to assist please do not hesitate to ask.

So how do I get the bundle across without the Mac rejecting it?


You can either download the .unitypackage from our downloads page, or from the package manager in Unity.

Both of these methods do not require you to unzip the package which should stop your Mac from marking the .bundle for deletion.

Hope this helps.