FMODStudioSettings.asset adding and removing Master.strings on source control

I’ve been seeing an issue on since upgrading to FMOD 2.0 (we are currently on 2.00.02) where FMODStudioSettings.asset adds and removes Master.strings from the Bank list over and over. We are using Git for source control and it appears to be happening to all the members of my team. It doesn’t appear to be specific to team-members, sometimes mine will add it and the next time it will remove it.

Any thoughts or troubleshooting I can do to help nail down the issue?

Unity 2018.5.1f1 and 2018.3.14f1 - this has been happening on both projects I’m working on.

The strings banks should not be in the bank list at all.

Do you have any specific steps or information that may help to reproduce this more often?

The only thing I can add right now is that it seems to get updated when Unity is closed. One of the repos currently had master.strings in the bank list and it was removed when I closed Unity.

I’m going to keep monitoring this over the next few commits to see if I can find any pattern. Right now, both repos have the FMODStudioSettings.asset file without master.strings in the bank list. I will keep this thread updated as I have more information.


Hmm, I’m not having much luck finding a pattern to this. My teammate made a commit that added it back and I opened Unity and all I had to do was save on the unchanged project for FMODStudioSettings to update and remove master.strings again. It seems that my local machine is only ever removing the line.

Is it possible that my teammates have corrupted FMOD cache files or something? I’ve definitely had to manually delete/refresh mine due to troubleshooting a few things after the update to 2.0… but other than that we really aren’t doing anything special as far as FMOD or plugins are concerned.

It is possible, see if they can delete the FMODStudioCache file and if they changes anything.

I had both team members remove their cache file and regenerate the banks - so far we haven’t had any issues yet, though we haven’t had enough activity in the repository yet for me to feel confident the cache was to blame. I do have the cache files if you would like to take a look at them via email.

There were duplicate entries for master.strings in both of them that didn’t show up in my “clean” version that had local non-relative paths to the files.

I’ll keep monitoring to see if the issue pops up again.