FMODStudioSettings asset git clutter

Heya folks,

using Unity 6000.0.2f1
using Unity Integration 2.02.20

For some reason the FMOD StudioSettings asset gets overwritten when imported on mac and imported on pc. Meaning, when I push my project from windows and pull the latest changes on my mac the StudioSettings assets reimports and the MasterBanks entry gets overwritten and vice versa.

from PC to Mac:
Desktop/Master β†’ Master

from Mac to PC:
Master β†’ Desktop/Master

What can I do to stop that? :slight_smile:

Is it the FMODStudioSettings.asset or FMODStudioCache.asset that is being modified?

The plugin generates these asset files:

  • Assets/Plugins/FMOD/Resources/FMODStudioSettings.asset stores all of the plugin settings. This file must be shared between all developers, so it should be added to source control.
  • Assets/Plugins/FMOD/Cache/Editor/FMODStudioCache.asset is a cache file used to speed up the plugin UI. It does not need to be shared between developers.

I can confirm it is indeed the FMODStudioSettings.asset, the Cache.asset is ignored in our gitignore

Are the FMOD Banks also stored in source control with the project or are the built and stored on each machine?

Hey @cameron-fmod

the banks are inside the Unity project and are also committed:

I have been unable to reproduce the issue myself, and I’m not sure how got the point that it has a folder in the master bank name.

Here are a few things to check:

  • Both machines are on the same FMOD version.
  • Is there anything else at all (related to FMOD) that changes, also check files that may be ignored from source control.
  • Are the banks in the exact same place on both machines?
  • Are there any files on one machine that don’t exist on the other?
  • Does the FMOD Unity Settings look the same (in the Unity Editor) on both machines?