Master.string is not a vaild bank

So I have this error I have seen around here already, but none of the solutions seems to be relevant.
I have the proper Fmod and Unity version, and everything seemed to work just fine.

This is a project I joined after Fmod was integrated, and I managed to set up the music already and implement it.
Now I added all of my SFX and built the mixer and the error started.
Any ideas on what I can do here?


What version of FMOD and Unity are you using?

With the Unity integration set to (Warning` Unity Integration | Settings - Logging Level) please upload any logs that you are seeing with FMOD errors.

Hi Connor thank you for the reply!

I am using Fmod 2.02.15 and Unity 2020.3.45f1. The text is red so I assume it’s a warning? if it collerates with Unity’s logic.

Anyway, yesterday the problem got fixed, I have no idea how, tons of attempts to mess around with builds, manual deletion of banks, and old branch pulling and pushing.

Today it happened again, and I think I got a better sense of how to fix it -
I deleted the banks manually and built them while Unity was not open.
Then I closed Fmod and opened Unity, and Unity gave me a notification that “some files were changed” or something similar.
After that, the Master.string not valid problem was gone and I am able to build banks normally.

I still did not properly solve it though, I believe it will happen again.
The main two common things between today and yesterday are that the problem started after I added new assets and assigned them to banks and mixer groups,


In the integration settings, what do you have the Unity Integration | Settings - Source Type set as? If you change the source to Single Build do you still experience the error? It is interesting that it is coming and going. If you update to the latest Unity Verified version 2.02.17 do you still experience the issue?