FMODStudioSettings not allowed in Packages?

Is there any particular reason FMODSettings scriptableObject cant be placed in the Packages folder? Atleast from the code below, it seems quite a unnecessary limitation. Is this part added for pratical reasons or technical? Thanks in advance for any insight.

                    if (AssetDatabase.GetAssetPath(instance).StartsWith("Packages"))
                        RuntimeUtils.DebugLogError($"[FMOD] {SettingsAssetName} initialization failed. {SettingsAssetName} located in \"Packages\" folder. Please delete {SettingsAssetName} in file explorer.");
                        instance = CreateInstance<Settings>();

This was added to prevent permission errors when using UPM with a plugin hosted on github.

Ok so it should be safe to comment out this check if I’am not planning to use those plugins?

It looks like that should be safe to do if you aren’t planning on using those.