Focus bug in audio bin

Hello, I noticed that from few version ago editor loses focus from audio files after a rename. So i have to click on a file again, before I could still use arrow keys to go through the files. I found a workaround, press F2 again after rename, than ESC and it regains focus.
Also can you make it an option to exclude file extension from Rename function?
Thank you

Hi - is this on OSX? We added a change focus on starting a rename as it was possible to rename something while focus remained on another window which was leading to weird crashes. This change was OSX only, so if you are seeing it on Windows, it would be unrelated.

We will need some more information to help - what windows are open and how are you renaming the item when the problem occurs.

Hello, this is on win64, version 2.01.07.
It looks like I didnt explained it well. After a succesfull rename of an audio file focus is lost. So I have to click again on some file to be able to use Arrow keys or cursor movement keys. And I think it wasnt the case before, or even if it was that`s not standard behavior for any modern day software :slight_smile:
Hope I was better at explaining this time but if not I am ready to give it another try. :slight_smile:

Hi Koca,

Thanks for the information. We have been able to reproduce the issue and I have filed in our backlog to get it sorted.