Can't double-click to rename or set play percentage

(Sam Ludinski) #1

I’m not sure if something that I have done is restricting me from doing this, but I’ve lost the ability to double-click on the name of an audio track to rename it or on a play percentage in a scatterer or multi-instrument to change the percentage. I’m using version 1.10.02 at the moment. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

(Joseph Harvey) #2

I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue here. It’s possible that I’m missing some important detail that’s necessary for this issue to be reproduced. What operating system are you using? Are you running any accessibility software, or other software that alters the way your machine responds to input? Does double-clicking work in other applications?

(Sam Ludinski) #3

Hi Joseph, thanks for your reply. I am using Windows 10 64bit. The only other relevant piece of information I can think of at the moment is that I’ve started using Google Backup & Sync to sync my audio projects between my desktop and my new laptop as I work from home as a freelancer and meet my client weekly in person. Maybe the syncing has thrown something off? This problem only arose after I started doing this, although I can’t be sure that the timing was exact. Double-clicking works fine in other programs, and even for other things in FMOD (renaming events is fine, just not audio tracks within events or setting play %s).

Edit: The problem is occuring on both my laptop and my desktop, though I realised it on my laptop first. I wasn’t using a mouse when I realised the issue, but even when I plugged one in it still wasn’t working, and when I got home to my desktop it wasn’t working there either.

(Joseph Harvey) #4

If you create a new project with a new multi instrument playlist and set the play percentage of that, does double-clicking that play percentage allow you to edit it? If so, that suggests that this issue may be due to some unusual feature of the project or instrument you’re trying to edit, rather than Studio’s UI code… If that is the case, we’ll need to inspect the project file.

(Sam Ludinski) #5

Just tried it and no, it doesn’t work in the new project

(Joseph Harvey) #6

The fact that it doesn’t work even in a new project rules out project data corruption as a possible cause.

Is there any other software running in the background on both affected machines, besides Google Backup and Sync? Do both machines use the same brand or model of mouse, and if so, what is that brand or model?

(Sam Ludinski) #7

I use almost all the same software on both machines. Pro Tools will be open occasionally if I need to tweak a sound to put in FMOD, usually have Steam and Discord running in the background as well, Google Chrome… can’t think of much else that would be open at the same time as FMOD.

I don’t take my mouse from home (Logitech G502) to use with my laptop, I borrow a spare one from the client as I already have so much stuff to put in my laptop bag.

(Kurt Areskoug) #8

I’m having the same problem, everything but the Browser window doesn’t allow me to double-click to rename. Same goes for parameter conditions. I’ve tried versions 1.10.05 -> 1.10.08 and the same problem applies. Though in .05 and .07 I can right click and choose rename on destination markers.

(Sam Ludinski) #9

I have tried reinstalling 1.10.02 and 1.10.08, but neither have worked for me.

(リチャード清水) #10

Hi Sam,

I’ve done some digging and heard that sometimes Windows updates can break certain functionality (printers failing/removed from default, double/single clicks not working at all or only in some circumstances). Could you please try installing Logitech Set Point from the following link and seeing if this fixes it?

Failing that, could you please open up the log (Window > Console > Logging) and see if there’s any errors being thrown when you try to double click?


(Sam Ludinski) #11

Hi Richard, thanks for doing some digging for me.

I’ve now tried installing Set Point and it has not fixed anything. I’ve also tried uninstalling various Windows Updates without any success, though I did notice there was an update to the ASMedia USB Root Hub in late July. I couldn’t find anywhere to download an older version of the driver, so I haven’t tested a different version of it, but timeline-wise it kind of makes sense. I tried disabling the ASMedia USB Root Hub in my Device Manager with no success as well. Unfortunately, I’m also getting no errors in the log in FMOD when I double-click a play percentage.

I know that I can use the edit menu to rename an audio track, but is there likely going to be some sort of equivalent to setting play percentages in the future? Even a context menu option when you rick-click on an item in your playlist that automatically blanks your percentage field and puts your cursor in there? Because at the moment, the feature is entirely inaccessible.

(Sam Ludinski) #12

I’ve tried using ‘instrument = studio.window.editorCurrent()’ and then ‘instrument.playPercentages = [0,0,100]’ to test if the scripting works as expected, however none of the values update in my scatterer instrument and when I hit play on my event, items 1 and 2 (or 0 and 1 in the array) are still playing.

If I’ve missed a crucial step then please forgive me, I haven’t used Javascript and have a very basic understanding of C#

(Sam Ludinski) #13

Thanks Richard, have just tried it and can confirm that all works as expected :slight_smile: While it may be tedious, I appreciate you (and Joseph) assisting me with the workaround

(Joseph Harvey) #14

Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, I’m still not able to reproduce this issue, even when running those applications.

Just to check, are the play percentages that you’re unable to edit grey and in parenthesis, or black and not in parenthesis?

(Sam Ludinski) #15

Here is a screenshot of my scatterer instrument (I’m trying to edit the bottom item), all of the items in the playlist are events, but it also doesn’t work with audio files.

I think I might try a reinstall at some point to see if something is wrong on that front, I’ll let you know how that goes.

(Joseph Harvey) #16

@SamLudinski Thank you in advance.

I have still not been able to reproduce this issue, which means there must be some vital step of your workflow that I’m not aware of, or some feature of your hardware or software that my test machines lack.

Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to fix a bug whose cause is unknown, and we cannot determine the cause of a bug that we cannot reproduce. I will continue to try things in the hopes of finding a reproduction method, but if you can think of anything that might narrow down the search, please let us know.

(リチャード清水) #17

Hi Sam,

There’s nothing in the tracker just yet for this, but it definitely would help.

I still have the feeling this is a third party software that is interfering with something in FMOD Studio. It could be an accessibility software or something similar.

In the meantime, you could look into using scripting. If you open the console, select the multi-instrument or scatterer instrument and use instrument = studio.window.editorCurrent() and instrument.playPercentages contains an array you can use to set the play percentages needed. If you need further help on this let me know.

(リチャード清水) #18

Hi Sam,

This is to apply a play percentage to the scatter instrument itself, not to it’s playlist. You’d need to do the following:

instrument = studio.window.editorCurrent();
instrument.sound.playPercentages; // Contains an array of all play percentages
instrument.sound.playPercentages[0].percentage = $percentage;