FR: Command Instrument : Randomize parameter

I’d like to randomize a parameter with the Command instrument.
Like “Set Parameter” and “Increase Parameter” only it would Randomize a Parameter.

I wanted to create a logic transition where a song could go to 3-4 different places according to a randomized discrete parameter. I can’t do it with Probability, cause if i have 3 transitions all set to 33%, there is small chance that none of them will trigger and the playback just continues.

So I would insert a Command Instrument and set it to randomize a parameter, and i set that as a condition. It could be useful in a lot of different ways.
Or am i missing something, and there is a way already to randomize a parameter at a certain point of time?

Created a workaround: Just modulated my parameter with a stepped noise LFO.
And i can add a toggle parameter to it’s Depth, and control that with a Command Instrument.

Still would be cleaner to just be able to randomize a parameter on demand.

When multiple transition markers exist at the same timeline position, they are evaluated from top to bottom, and the timeline playback position transitions immediately as soon as one of the transition marker’s conditions are met. This means that if you have three transition markers at the same timeline position, all with a probability condition of 33%, in practice the first will be triggered 33% of the time, the second will be triggered 67%*33%=~22% of the time, the third will be triggered 67%*67%*33%=~15% of the time, and the chance of the playback position escaping the logic point without triggering any transition marker will be 67%*67%*67%=~30%.

if you want the markers to have an equal probability of causing a transiton, drag them such that each is vertically above or below the others, then set the topmost transition marker’s probability to 33%, set the middle transition marker’s probability to 50%, and leave the bottom transition marker in its default state, with no probability condition (or set its probability condition to 100%, which results in the same behavior). This will result in each marker having an approximately equal chance of being triggered, and there will be no chance of the playback position escaping the logic point without triggering any of the transition markers.

That being said, your suggestion is a good one: It should be possible to randomize the value of a parameter using a command instrument. Accordingly, I’ve added this to our feature/improvement tracker.

Ahaa! I did not realize the triggers were top to bottom. This makes so much sense.
So following this logic a 5-way jump would look like 20% > 25% > 33% > 50% > 100%.



If you have any further questions about FMOD, please don’t hesitate to ask.