Multiple Endings - trigger by probability?

Hello! Wondering if it’s possible to have a series of musical stingers, say 3, that either cycle or are triggered randomly in order for there to be variety?

Right now it’s very easy to set up a parameter and transition to a single ending, but it’d be great if somehow it could transition to one of 3 endings, to spice things up.

I guess I’m envisioning a transition marker or region that has a list of possible destinations to it, similar to how a multi sound has a list of possible sounds (with probability controls).

This is possible in a number of ways.

Firstly, of course, you could put your stingers into a multi sound module.

If your stingers are more complex than single sound files, you can use transition makers with probability conditions. Simply create one transition marker for each destination stinger at the same position on the timeline, but at different heights. Then, set each transition marker’s probability to 1/n, where n is its position counting from the bottom of the ‘flagpole’ - which is to say, in your example of three stingers, set the lowest of your three transition markers to have a probability of 100%, the middle one to have a probability of 50%, and the top one to have a probability of 33%.

We do plan to simplify this process by implementing the kind of ‘multi-destination transition markers’ that you describe, but we haven’t yet scheduled this feature for implementation.