Transitions are going to random markers

I’m currently working on a track that has eight sections, and at the end of each section it transitions to another section at random, unless the player dies in which case it transitions to the end of the track. I set it up so that sections can transition to any other section randomly using the technique from this answer:
But it was sometimes transitioning to the same section, and after some testing I found that each transition was transitioning to any random marker except for the death marker. I have tried renaming the markers, as well as deleting and remaking both the markers and the transitions, but the error still occurs. Is there a limit to how many transitions can be in a single event or is something else the problem?

14, 17, 20, 25, 33, 50 is the bottom so that it’ll just to to the next section of the track. The problem is that even if there’s only one transition there it’ll transition to any random marker except for the death one.

Which one of those probabilities is the death marker? Are there any other markers at the same position, perhaps hidden under one of the visible ones?

The death transition is a separate transition that has a 100% chance if the death variable is set to 1. There definitely aren’t any hidden markers as I have deleted and remade all of them.

Is the death transition marker located above or below the other transition markers?

It is above the other markers.

Hmm. Markers are evaluated from top to bottom, so if it’s above the other markers, the other markers shouldn’t affect it in any way. What parameter range is the death transition marker’s parameter condition set to?

0.51 - 1.00, and the random transitions are only happening when the variable is less than that.

Does the cursor just sail past the markers when the parameter is set to, say, 0.6? Or does it stop and sit on the markers without moving anywhere?

The death transition is working perfectly fine, the problem is the other transitions are randomly going to any marker except for the death one. This isn’t the biggest problem but i’d like to make it so that it doesn’t replay the same section twice in a row.

What are the probabilities of the markers at your logic point, from top to bottom?

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Oh! I see. Sorry, I misunderstood your original post. Am I right in saying that you want to prevent any transition marker with a probability condition from triggering twice in a row?

The problem is that I have markers labelled 1 through 8 at the start of each section, and at the end of each section it’s set up so that it will either transition to any numbered marker except for the one it was at last (2 can’t go to 1, 3 can’t go to 2, etc.), or just go to the next section of the track. But for some reason all of the transitions going to numbered markers are going to random numbered markers instead of the ones that are set as their destination.

Ah, you have multiple logic points? Hmm. Could you post a screenshot of your event’s logic track? I might be able to spot the problem.

I couldn’t figure out how to enlarge the logic track window so I had to take 2 screenshots

Hmm… Some of your destination markers look like they may have the exact same timeline positions as nearby transition markers. You’ve probably given some of them a very small offset, but if there’s any you missed, it could easily result in the behaviour you describe.

Check that each of the destination markers is at a timeline position at least one millisecond to the right of the destination markers above it. To check the exact position of a logic marker, right-click on the marker and select “Move To…” from the context menu. If any of them does not have such an offset, give it one, then try auditioning your event again.

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Thanks, that completely fixed it! I’m new to FMOD and it never occurred to me that it’d be hitting transitions on the millisecond it’s transitioning to.