Frames instead of seconds on timeline?

Hi there everyone,
I was wandering: is there a way how to change the timeline of any event to frames instead of seconds in FMOD Studio? I´ve been looking everywhere over the internet and it seems to be impossible.
Situation: I am making some simple animated 3d objects in Blender (and then I am importing them to Unity/Unreal). And, Blender shows mainly frames on its timeline (and even when switching to “show seconds” it only shows seconds “+ 24 frames”). I am then not able to make a precise loops when making sound design for these animated objects in FMOD.

It wouldn’t be very useful to display frames as a measurement for FMOD Studio events because FMOD Studio runs as a separate system alongside the game engine (Unity/Unreal). The FMOD system updates every 20ms by default and really has no concept of what frame it is in the game engine.

You are able to utilize the animation timelines in both Unity and Unreal to set individual events to play on specific frames which is most likely what you would find useful.

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thank you for your reply, but i have a small problem there. with Unreal, i am fine, because it works. i am able to insert fmod event directly into animation timeline. however! in Unity, i am not able to do that. i saw people doing that thing in many tutorials (without actualy doing anything with scripting), but for me, it is not possible. when i import animation from blender (all working well), all the actions (transform, rotation, anything) are greyed out. and - when i create a simple animation in unity (using only animation window, for example - moving some cube object from left to the right) - i am not able to insert any fmod event there. when i click on “add event” button, it does literally nothing. no window opens, nothing. i have fmod integrated flawlessly. nothing opens. do you have any advice on this?..

You should be able to use the Unity timeline with FMOD. Have you read our documentation on this?