How to work with FMOD Events in the UE sequence tool

Hey my dear guys,

I am confronted with the issue, that it seems impossible to work with FMOD Events in the UE sequence tool, so that you can time sync FMOD sounds with animations etc.
So, if I have a longer dialog or other longer sound events, like timed music or highly designed sound effects. It is really difficult to make the timing and sync in a good efficient way.

The problem is, that you always have to go to the start of the FMOD event, to hear the sound - that is a massive time-consuming problem and I can’t justify FMOD before my colleges who do the cinematics.
Is there a way I can setup the FMOD events, so that they can place and monitor the FMOD events as if they were just .wav files?

I hope my issue is understandable and thanks for your help!

Hum. I doubt FMOD events are the best tool to work with fixed cinematics, indeed. Why don’t you directly use audio files, for that purpose?

Okay then, I think we have to use the audio files directly in the sequence.
I hoped, that there is a way to use FMOD events, because of the mixing and reverb zones.