Freeze on Unreal 5.1 During Loading Map

We are facing a very long frame stall (from 30 to 60 seconds) during map loading in unreal engine 5.1.
After inspecting a capture on Xbox and Switch Consoles, we noticed a very long GameThread Idle Time, where the main thread is waiting for the render thread.
Fmod Studio update thread is applying CSLocks with stalls as long as the main thread.
Launching the game with nosound parameter (audio system turned off) resolves the issue, so we are wondering if there is a way to completely disable fmod system only during a map loading or a possible workarounf fot this issue.

Thanks for the support

Dario <Pianese

Are you able to share your PIX capture by uploading it to your profile, I have not been able to reproduce it myself as of yet.

Also which version of FMOD are you using?