FSBank Cache Questions

Hello, I’m using the fsbank library on a server to convert user-uploaded files to .fsb format.

In this case, would the cache files be needed if the server is usually never building the same files twice? In what way does fsbank use these, and are they safe to delete?

The generated cache files are intermediate encodings of your source assets, so they’re fine to delete, but doing so will mean that a given source asset will need to be re-encoded if you want to build an .fsb containing it again. If you’re usually not encoding the same files twice, then it’s likely that this won’t impact you often.

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Thank you for answering my question. As a quick follow-up, is there any option to prevent the creation of cache files on build? This might be helpful. Otherwise, I can manually clean them up afterward.

Unfortunately, there’s no option to stop the cache files from being generated - however, it does seem useful, so I’ve noted this feature on our internal feature/improvement tracker.

To assist in manually cleaning them up yourself, you can specify the directory the cache files are written to with the cacheDirectory argument of FSBank_init.

I appreciate the confirmation - it’s not a critical issue at all, but thank you for adding it to the feature tracker.

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