Does FMOD Studio use FSBank?

I’m digging into FMOD Core as a learning device and wondering how sound bank generation works in FMOD Studio.
From what I’ve read, FSBank takes a group of sounds, converts them to the same compressed format and creates one file.
However, in FMOD Studio, individual sounds can have individual conversion settings, resulting in a single bank.

Therefore, does FMOD Studio use the FSBank format? Is it a modified version of the API? Does Studio perhaps bundle multiple FSBank files together (one FSBank per format)?

If it doesn’t use FSBank, what is FSBank’s intended use case?

Thank you,

FSBank (the application) and FSBankLib (the encoding support library used by FSBank) provide a way to take uncompressed assets and encode them into an optimized format for playback by FMOD. The FSB files produced are intended for use with the Core API but as you have guessed, are also used by FMOD Studio.

When FMOD Studio creates a bank file it uses the publicly available / unmodified FSBankLib to generate one or more FSBs (depending on chosen format) which are then embedded within a single .bank file.

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