What is FMODStudioCache used for?

(Shawn Halwes) #1


Trying to understand all the parts with the new Unity integration. What is the FMODStudioCache asset used for? Should this file be tracked in the repository or is it a local cache only?


(Nicholas Wilcox) #2

Good question Shawn, I might add something to the docs about this.

FMODStudioCache is a cache of the all the projects event info read from the Banks. It’s used to speed up the Event Browser. It’s also tracks the last-modified timestamps of all the bank files and triggers the copy into Streaming Asset folder.

It’s only ever used in-editor. It’s not referenced from any runtime component so it shouldn’t be packaged into any build.

There’s nothing unsafe about adding it to the repository to spare your team members the cost of updating it locally when new banks are pulled from source control.

If you delete it in the Unity inspector it will be re-created straight away. So you can easily see how long it takes.