Game objects that don't need a parameter?

What’s the best way to set up SFX that will attach to game objects?

For a racing game, I’ve made a looping asset for oncoming traffic, which will attach to the oncoming car objects.

FMOD will take care of the doppler effect.

Is it simple as creating a 3D action, without a parameter attached?

Or do I just use a 3D timeline?

It sounds like you want the event to contain a spatializing effect, most likely the FMOD Spatializer Effect. This effect automatically pans and attenuates an event instance’s signal based on that event instance’s position relative to the listener, such that (for example) the event sounds quieter when the event instance further away from the listener, and sounds like it’s coming form the right when the event instance is to the listener’s right.

Spatializing effects do not require any parameters to work.

I’m not sure what you mean by “3D Action” and “3D Timeline.” An action sheet is a kind of sheet that allows you to assign behavior that an event performs when it is started; a timeline is another kind of sheet that functions as a parameter with velocity and which can host logic markers; and an event is 3D if its behavior changes depending on its position relative to the listener in 3D space. These three concepts are independent: Whether an event contains a timeline or action sheet has no impact on whether that event is 3D.

Great, thanks joseph :slight_smile: I get it