How to make sounds feels more 3D in FMOD

Hello all,

So I wanted to make sounds feels more 3D means that I’m playing it from the source. For example I hold a Music Box then I wanna hear it based on the location of the Music Box is. How do I get that precise 3D sounds. Tried the FMOD Spatializer Effect but can’t seem to get the sound I wanted. Also tried FMOD Object Spatializer but it has some downside in which the sidechain and compression doesnt work with it. Finally I tried Resonance Audio but it makes the whole Group Bus I use such as the Routing, Snapshot and VCA became useless.

Thank you in advance.

Could you describe the behavior you want in detail, and how it differs from the behavior of the Spatializer effect? We need to know what you need before we can tell you how to get it.

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Hello Joseph,

So how the behavior work on the Spatializer effect is that when the music box is drop and distance away from the player I can hear it based on distance and which ear it is played when I moved my head position in game right or left. But when its on equipped which mean on hand it sounds like its playing on both sides of my ear rather than the right ear.

Here’s how it looks like :

So what I wanted is that when on equipped, I wanted it to be heard more on the right ear rather than hearing it at both ear.

Sorry for rate reply Joseph.

How are you setting the position of the listener and the music box event?

The spatializer effect spatializes the output of an event instance based on that instance’s position relative to the listener in 3D space. If you are attaching both the listener and the music box event to the camera, or to the player pawn, it is likely that they are both being assigned the same position, resulting in the behavior you describe.

If you want the music box to be spatialized as if it is in the player pawn’s hand, you must assign it a position that is in front of and to the right of the listener, rather than in the same position.