Get output audio samples

I’m not sure if this is something related to FMOD at all.
I use the API on Raspbian (RPi3/4) to add sounds to my applications. In the meanwhile, other applications might play something as well.

I’m looking for a way to retrieve (in real-time) the audio samples that are sent to the output device, i.e. at the output of the Alsa Mixer.

Is FMOD able to do this?

By adding a custom DSP to the Master Bus, you would be able to get all the audio sample data as FMOD outputs it to the audio device.

See the dsp_custom project in our examples, which can be found in the FMOD API downloads.

Thanks for your answer. I’m not sure if I described the scenario correctly. The other applications don’t use FMOD. Would your solution work as well?

FMOD will only have access to the sound routed through it, you won’t be able to access all the sounds sent to the output device.