GetParameterDescription called in Construction Script (Or OnConstruction in C++) returns empty array when running in a packaged build

I’ve been struggling with this for a while now.
The GetParameterDescriptions function in UFMODEvent is supposed to return an array of type FMOD_STUDIO_PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION.
I’m trying to get FMOD parameter names in the construction script. When I call GetParameterDescriptions in the construction script, it populates the array fine and the values stick when playing in the editor. However, when playing in Standalone or in a packaged build, the array comes out to be empty.

Is there something I’m missing here?

It looks like GetParameterDescriptions was not intended to be used outside of the editor, which is why it does not work in Standalone or a packaged build.

The issue is the EFMODSystemContext in this line of UFMODEvent::GetParameterDescriptions:

FMOD::Studio::EventDescription *EventDesc = IFMODStudioModule::Get().GetEventDescription(this, EFMODSystemContext::Auditioning);

The fix should be as simple as changing it to EFMODSystemContext::Max, this will then use a valid FMOD System at runtime.

I have added a task to implement this fix for an upcoming release.