Global "Max Instances" and Stealing

Hi everyone,

I’m using Fmod Studio via the C# API. As we all know, we can set “Max Instances” on an event in Fmod Studio and then configure the Stealing behaviour for that event.

For my project, I have a lot of different sounds, and it doesn’t make sense to configure “Max Instances” per event. It would be possible to configure “Max Instances” per bus, but that doesn’t make sense either because we have a lot of different busses. I’d need a global stealing behaviour, against the total number of voices.

The reason this makes sense in my project is that most sounds have a fast attack and a very long reverb. So I always want newer sounds to get precedence and simply cut off the reverb of the old sounds if necessary.

Is there a way to configure stealing with a global number of max instances? I can configure the max global nr of voices using the “setSoftwareChannels” and “initialize” functions in the API, but I cannot configure stealing behaviour this way.


You can select the Master Bus in the mixer and set the max instances here. This will limit the number of event instances for the entire project.