Global parameter doesn't change outside Studio

I’ve tried to automate a parameter in a Timeline Event using Command Instruments,
“Stinger” automates 0/1, curve, “Window” false/true.

Via Unity shows always the initialized value whatever it is.

FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.StudioSystem.getParameterByName("Window", out float window);

At first I’ve tried to directly automate “Window”; in that case “Window” doesn’t even change inside FMOD Studio Event, only an orange dot appears.
This way at least I’m able to see that inside Studio “Window” switches false/true.

It looks like you need to use the second overload of Studio.System.getParameterByName to get the finalvalue, I have verified this is being updated correctly when setting parameters with command instruments. The value parameter somewhat confusingly only tells you the parameter that has been set using calls to setParameterByName, setParameterByID etc.