Google resonance sounds muffled


I wanted to use resonance for 3d audio, but for me it kinda high cuts the sounds I play.
I followed the instructions of the resonance docs, the 3d spatialisation works, but the sound is very muffled. The oculus spatializer is a lot crispier, but unfortunately it does not support linux. (is there even any other way to get 3d audio with fmod?)
Did I make a mistake or is it just this way?



Hi Th,

That is just the way the Google Resonance plugin sounds. You can use the FMOD 3D Object Spatializer instead if you are looking for a cross platform solution that also runs on Linux.


Wow, if this was actually intended I think the guys who made that google plugin really wasted their time since every other solution (oculus, steam audio, wwise) sounds 1000x better ^^

The problem I have with the fmod spatializer is that fmod does not support actual binaural panning, only “real” surround which even if virtualised using the sound driver does not come close to the known hrtf stuff :frowning: