Has the Firelight Technologies team considered a Patreon?

I am a one-man operation for my game and I want to support you guys in a small way without worrying about fitting into a licensing structure. If you had a Patreon, I would happily be your first patron.

Hi if your game budget / spend is less than $500k USD then you should be fine to use FMOD under our indie license, its probably not appropriate to have a patreon in our case. Just remember to register your project at www.fmod.com/profile#projects !

My budget is $0 haha. I just wanted to support you guys somehow since I love your tool. I will register my game with you guys. Here is what I am getting on Chrome when I got your link though:

you need to refresh your page, the token for your session has expired but you haven’t refereshed the page so it can realize it has expired. That or force it to log out by clicking profile then log out.