Help creating Android app

Hello guys,

I’m creating an application for Android to use with the car.
Basically it will allow to follow the engine rotation and produce the sound of a “super” car.
I’m using FMOD Studio and so far I have managed to get the expected results.
I have some questions I’d like you to help me, sorry but I’m new to this world of programming and would like to learn with those who know.

  1. I recorded sounds from two different cars. I created two different projects. It would be better to create “Events” and get everything in the same project?

  2. I also recorded the sound start up engine. Can I use the same system of “Events” and “call it” when necessary?

  3. Maybe I’ll use the Android Eclipse or Android Studio to integrate the FMOD Studio AP. Is a good idea?

  4. Once I “Build” the project, how I’ll integrate into the compiler?

  5. Is there any tutorial where I can see the commands of FMOD Studio API in C/C++/Java?

Thanks in advance!

  1. It would definitely be better to create multiple events in a single project. It’s best to have one Studio project per game project in almost every possible situation. It sounds like you’ve already created two projects; Fortunately, you should be able to copy the events from one project into the other project without difficulty.
  2. The answer is yes, but since I don’t know exactly what you’re trying to do, I can’t say what the best method of doing it is.

The API isn’t my area of expertise, so I suggest you ask your third, fourth and fifth questions on the FMOD 5 section of our Q&A system.


Thank you Joseph for your reply.

Basically I’m trying to create an application that follows the rpm of an engine through the OBD-II interface (using bluetooth), later it plays the required sound when you connect your Android phone/tablet in a car stereo through aux for example.

So I found an example in “FMOD Studio Examples” about a car (MB 190E) and it has a “Load” option, I think it’s related to the pressing more or less the gas pedal. It seems to be static values from -1 to 1, can I change them according to my needs on application or do I need to change these parameters in FMOD?

If someone can answer the questions 3, 4 and 5 I would be grateful.

I think the answer to 3,4,5 is to download the FMOD Studio API for Android and look at our examples. We only include Eclipse projects though, but there is nothing to stop you using Android Studio for your own project.

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