How should I develop a sound player in C# using the latest Fmod Studio

Now I want to use Fmod Studio and C# to develop a playback program for controlling sound files under windows10 environment. Since this is the first time for me to contact Fmod, I would like to ask you how to use the official Fmod installation file to develop, is there a relatively simple example, thank you.


To develop with FMOD, you will need to take the relevant includes and libraries from the FMOD Engine installer and add them to your project. For the Core API, these files can be found at ./api/core/inc and ./api/core/lib. If you intend to use the Studio API, you will need the aforementioned Core API files, as well as the Studio API includes and libraries, which are located at ./api/studio/lib and ./api/studio/lib. You will also need to ensure that the libraries are copied to your build output directory.

The Engine installer also comes with example projects in C++, which can be found at ./api/core/examples/ and ./api/studio/examples. It shouldn’t be too hard to convert this code to C++, but if you’re unfamiliar with C++, please take a look at this reply which provides a general guide on how to port the example code: ASIO input on selected channels examples? - #2 by jeff_fmod

Our Unity integration documentation contains C# scripting examples for a variety of API functionality - these are intended for use with Unity, but may still serve as helpful reference points.