Help: How to add a set amount of silence after a track plays?

I’m fairly new to FMOD (just picked it up this week) and was wondering how I would go about adding a set amount of silence (something like 15 to 90 seconds) between tracks. My tracks are currently being played through a multi-instrument that’s set to random but instead of randomly going through them all on repeat, I’d like a bit of silence in-between–sort-of like how Minecraft does. How would I go about doing this?

You can either manually add silence into each asset through an external sound editor, or you can utilize a sustain point at the end of the multi instrument and program a random timer before setting off the key off command. The event could look something like this

You can then use EventInstance::keyOff() in code to leave the sustain point and return to the start of the event, retriggering the multi instrument.

You also could automate this by nesting your multi in an action sheet, with a silence instrument after the multi, and by activating the loop option in the sheet.