Add random delay between playlist sounds in multi

Hey there.
I would like to use some random sounds with multi and add some random delay between the instances of the playlist. Is there a way to do this ?
I tried with scattered but it cuts each time another sound is played, as I don’t want them to play on top of themselves, I made a 1 voice polyphony.
So the best way to make what I want to do is use a multi.
But, I can’t find a way to add some delay between the sounds.

My situation is that I want to trigger one event that contains dialogues, but I want the instances of the dialogues to be randomized and not to play in a chain. Also I don’t want to add silence in a editor (even if I’ll do like this if I don’t have the choice).

Thanks !

There’s a number of different ways of doing this, and I don’t know which one is best for your project.

You could, for example, replace the single sound modules in your multi sound module’s playlist with event sound modules, and build the silence into those modules.

You could use a scatterer sound module and set the ‘Interval Between Sounds’ to an amount of time longer than the lengths of your sound files. (The ‘interval Between Sounds’ is measured from the start of one sound to the start of the next, so if you’re observing new sounds cutting off older ones, it’s likely the interval between sounds has been set lower than the length of your sound files.)

You could remove looping behaviour from your multi sound module’s playlist, but place a loop region around the multi sound module that causes it to be retriggered periodically.

Do any of these work for you? And if not, what do you need that they don’t provide?

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Thanks for the answer.

The first trick should be the best alternative for me. I find this too tricky, and simple delay parameter would be better.

I tried the second before posting, and the problem is that my longer sample is too long to make a minimum interval, meaning that all the intervals between sounds should not be lower that this sample duration if I don’t want it to be cut or overlaying with another sound.

I also tried the third but the problem is the same as the second solution.

Thanks a lot !