Help on multi sound - sequences

Hi there,

I’m struggling with something :

Our character has an ability. The first time the ability plays, it triggers a cinematic, and then for the rest of the game the cinematic doesnt play.

What I want to do : I want to call the event a first time, play a sound, then play an other sound when the event is triggered a second time. (I can’t have 2 separate events).

What I tried : I made a multi sound, trying to play a sequence. I play the event a first time, then a second, it works fine, but the playlist keeps reseting, while I want it to stay on the 2nd sound.

Any tip on how to handle this ?

Thanks for help

If you can’t have two separate events then you can also try using a parameter to trigger the two sounds. This would need to be controlled through code (EventInstance::setParameterByName for local parameters or Studio::System::setParameterByName for global parameters).

Though really, the cleanest way for this is to have two separate events.

The cinematic is the exception - it only plays once. So if it has a specific sound, it can be a better idea to trigger that sound by the cinematic playback call, rather than from the ability.