[FMOD Designer] Multiple-file multi-track events only play one song from the list repeatedly

Hello. Sorry about the long title, that’s the minimum amount of words I could describe the issue with. I’ll go into more detail below.

So I’m a music modder for Don’t Starve Together, and I have a multi-track event (represented by the gray/blue area in the middle). That multi-track event uses a sound def that has multiple song files under its folder.

What I wanted to do with this was make it so I could have the multi-track event cycle through multiple songs. I realize I can achieve this with simple events, but with simple events, the songs play at max volume and are far too loud ingame. I can adjust the volume of these simple events, but I wanted to see if I could avoid that by simply assigning more than one song to a multi-track event (given the fact that multi-track events play the songs at a more controlled volume that fits with the other events, for lack of better words).

The problem I’m having with assigning multiple songs under one sound def is that one song out of the list repeats over and over unless the event stops playing entirely (like when you exit the menu and return to it), rather than cycling through them once one song ends, like simple events do when Successive Loop is selected.

I have tried changing the Play Mode for the corresponding sound def, but it did nothing.

TLDR: Is there a way to make multi-track events with more than one song under one sound def behave similar to a simple event’s Successive Loop option?

Sorry about the long and wordy post, I hope this all makes sense. I’ll provide more information and/or screenshots if needed.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Sorry if I’m breaking any rules by bumping.