Help with some logic, please - nesting

Hi All,

I haven’t used FMOD for quite a while so need a bit of help with some logic if possible.

Basically, I have created two parameters for Material and Strength.
The player can throw items and it will change the sound depending on which material it comes in contact with, and the strength at which they throw it.
Both on their own are simple.

I have created a logic node to select the material part, but within that I also need the Strength parameter to select a certain selection of samples. How would be the best way to go about nesting and getting the two to work simultaneously?

I thought about having each on the Material node as event sounds so I could do nested - but the engine can’t access nested events to supply a parameter, can it?

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There’s a couple of different ways you could do this, and it’s hard to say which is ‘best.’

FMOD Studio now supports adding multiple parameter conditions to a single transition marker. All the parameter conditions must be met for the marker to trigger, which means you can now
easily make logic points that depend on multiple parameters.

Alternatively, you could layer or stack your sound modules, and add trigger conditions to them such that specific sound modules only trigger when the ‘strength’ parameter has specific values. Note that you can prevent sound modules on the same track from crossfading by ensuring they have exactly the same start and end positions. Also note that you can set a parameter to ‘HOLD’ to prevent its value from changing after the event instance begins playing.

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Thanks for your very quick response, Joseph.

I was obviously over complicating things!
Stacking the tracks works well, so thank you very much.

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